We're Committed to Keeping Families Together

Family Rights is a political organization dedicated to giving California parents jury trial rights when summoned into a family or juvenile dependency court. Our goal is to see families reunited when allegations against parents and children have unverified evidence, and allegations if not beyond a reasonable doubt, to return the children back home; to ban the taking of parents or guardian's property and estates; and to reopen closed-out cases for parents or guardians who've lost their rights to have a rehearing with the presence of jury trial so families' lives can have a chance to receive the Constitutional layer of protection to fairer court processes. 



Valid registered voter signatures are needed within 180 days starting July 2, 2021.


Ensure Your Voice is Heard

In California, custody removal hearings in family and juvenile courts are heard by a judge, not by a jury.  Families can go through this difficult, lengthy, and costly process in a fairer, more democratic way.  That's why we're advocating for the Ballot Initiative and Amendment 21-0004A1, and we need your help.



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