A Passion Formed From Experience in CA Family Court

Family Rights Committee, ("Family Rights") founded in 2021 where parents shared family and children's court experiences with each other over 50 years ago; they shared stories on the foster system, the judges, court processes, and the reality that many parents can never get their children to return home no matter how hard they've tried to comply with the court.

Family Rights started the Ballot Initiative 21-0004 that gives the right to a jury trial for families and children. And the Amendment (21-0004A1), to verify beyond a reasonable doubt all allegations against parents and children before family separation and to return children as soon as unverified or no evidencing that caused the initial removal of children from their homes. The state-approved and cleared Ballot Initiative (21-0004A1) for circulation. It's required for 623,212 valid registered voter signatures within 180 days; along with the required fees and any required documentation in order to get on the ballot. With everyone's help, the initiative will have a winning chance and make a change in California for families involved in Dependency Hearings. Donate Here!


Initiative 1898

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